The augmented reality in support to cultural activities


This year has been particularly tough for all the activities centered on the public visit: exhibitions, fairs, concerts, cultural venues, etc.. This is why we found it appropriate to share with you how augmented reality has stood out in these dark times, at least how it has offered some hope at the end of the year.

Another facet of culture

Among cultural places, museums always seem to give this impression of immutability. It is very normal, given the pieces they exhibit, we tend to associate the conservation of collections with conservatism. However, this is not the case, since major museums such as the Grand Palais, the Palace of Versailles and the Galerie Perrotin have given themselves the word to adopt augmented reality, which has been a trend for some time now.

With the pandemic and health measures, it has become impossible to visit museums and appreciate the collections on display. So, if visitors cannot come and look at the collections, why not send these precious pieces to the public? This is exactly what these museums have envisioned and realized. For this purpose, they have collaborated with Facebook Reality Labs and Photo RMN to give everyone the opportunity to view the artworks at home.

A new lease of life in

the field of culture

The principle of augmented reality being to add virtual elements to reality, here these elements are the collection pieces of these museums. The models are available via an Instagram filter that places the work where you point the camera. You can then rotate around the sculptures and zoom in to scrutinize the smallest details. In addition, the filter does not forget to consider the educational role of the museum. Thus, the 3D model is accompanied by floating descriptions that help to better know the work.

This initiative has unlocked new functionalities for the future of these cultural institutions. Indeed, the user can observe the work that interests them, without having to worry about the people around them. Moreover, the schedule of the visit is at the user’s discretion, as they determine the opening and closing of “their museum”. Finally, the ludic and interactive effect of an AR experience allows it to be better received and to reach a larger audience.

Augmented reality

– a much – desired boost

for all domains

This breakthrough in the promotion of culture seems incredible, but it is not an isolated occurrence. All areas of activity have turned their attention to the extended reality during this period of health crisis and we can say that the results have exceeded expectations. Indeed, whether it is augmented reality or virtual reality, the advances in these technologies have made it possible to redefine corporate strategy.

The use of augmented reality has no limit other than the imagination of decision-makers and their objectives. If for a production company, augmented reality is used to promote articles, in the field of medicine, it is an operating technology that facilitates surgery. In the same way, virtual reality can be used to reduce the effects of social distancing by allowing virtual meetings, as well as to train technicians in assembling parts or piloting equipment.

We can therefore state that augmented reality has given new life to museums during the era of lockdown, but it is not the only sector to have benefited from it. Isn’t this wave of opportunities, which augmented reality represents, a must for all companies that want to remain competitive?

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