How to update Instagram filters


With the augmented reality filter creation tool Spark AR, effects developers have found a software they won’t soon get tired of. Indeed, it has a lot of features, is very intuitive and easy to handle. Moreover, the Instagram team is constantly improving it, we are currently at its 130th version. However, it raises a serious issue when an update of Spark AR makes some filters incompatible. That’s why we thought of making this tutorial to show you how to update your filters.

Step 1 :

Access the Spark AR Hub

When you receive a notification via Facebook that one or more of your filters will no longer be supported after a few days, don’t panic and go to Spark AR Hub. What is the Spark AR Hub ? For creators, it’s nothing new, but for filter patrons, it may be a whole new term. It’s the platform for managing the effects you own. If effects have become outdated for a recent version of Spark AR, you will find a notification “Your effect file will stop being supported from [date] unless updated.” or even “Your effect is no longer supported. Update it to re-enable delivery.”

Step 2 :

Download the effect file

To update your effect, you must open the effect file in the latest version of Spark AR Studio. In case you don’t have Spark AR yet, or your version is not up to date, you can go to the platform to download it.

As for downloading the filter, all you have to do is click on the effect in Spark AR Hub. Then, on the highlighted part indicating the problem with the filter version, you will just have to click on “View files”. Two files are then available for download.The first one is the original file of the filter and the second one is a copy automatically updated by Spark AR. With the second file, you can choose to download or accept it as an updated version of the effect. Be aware, however, that as this is done automatically, some features may have been lost, in addition to other inconsistencies. Thus, it is better to download the first file, the original outdated version.

Step 3 :

Update the downloaded file

Once the filter file has been downloaded, it is now time to update it. To do this, simply open the file and Spark AR will automatically execute to handle it. The software will then open your file with an updated version. All you have to do is check that everything is working properly. In addition, Spark AR will notify you of changes between versions, giving you an idea of where to start checking. You will be able to see with the preview if the effect behaves as it should and send it to your mobile device for testing with Spark AR Player app. When you are satisfied with the result, you just need to export the new version to save it on your PC.

Step 4:

Upload the update

for validation

Now that you have the updated effect file, it needs to be uploaded to Spark AR Hub. To do this, you return to the platform, until you once again get the choice of the two downloadable files as before. At the top right of the window you will find the “Update” button, clicking on it will take you to a page where the filter file appears with a “Replace” button. This button will allow you to upload the new replacement file, it will open your explorer to select it. Once the new file is in place, its properties are displayed just below its icon (version, requirement) and all you have to do now is to send it for validation. Indeed, even the update must go through validation to be implemented, so be careful to respect the guidelines if you have modified the filter during the process.

Step 5:

Magic Tadam the filter

is updated

During this step, all you have to do is wait for Facebook to validate your new filter. Also, unless your effect has already exceeded the time limit for updating, you don’t have to worry about users coming across an inactive filter during validation. This is because the previous version remains visible and will be automatically replaced by the updated version once it is approved.

Now that you know how to update a filter on Spark AR, you won’t have to worry about future versions of the software.

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