Camif Black Friday


Friday, November 26, 2021 was Black Friday! A great deal for lovers of bargains, just before the end of the year celebrations with promotions sometimes going up to more than 80%.
This commercial event coming straight from the United States is an increasingly important phenomenon in France. In 2020, Black Friday had (even) a stronger impact than in 2019, with +36% growth in online sales. E-commerce boosted by the health context: 56 million transactions carried out online in 24 hours in France on the occasion of Black Friday! And, a record week for the home equipment markets, with office automation and small household appliances as sales stars.
It is an event expected by the French, more than 6 out of 10 French people (62%) make purchases each year on the occasion of Black Friday. It is seen as a good way to save money and do your Christmas shopping in advance (and without stress!).
Despite everything, the calls for a boycott and “reasoned consumption” continue! With many brands claiming that the real cost of this “Black Friday” is above all social and environmental.

Did you know that 88% of French people think the world would be better off if we consumed less?

And 77% of them associate Black Friday with an operation contributing to overconsumption. The call of the promo sirens pushes us to always look for THE bargain, THE rare pearl that will make our heads spin… Caught between desire and environmental awareness, today we need to silence this part of the brain that keeps us encourages you to have more. Because the display of barred prices ends up blinding us and making us believe that happiness is to have.


**Source:** Shopper Observer Study, Havas Paris, 2020, Society and Consumption Observatory Study, 2019


Source : Étude Shopper Observer, Havas Paris, 2020, Étude de l’Observatoire Société et Consommation, 2019


KISSES. : a compass to consume better.

On a daily basis, a certain number of small gestures can be reviewed and produce great things. Your super power? It’s your buying power. The power to prefer organic cotton to conventional cotton, to favor recycled materials, to have a manufacturer work near you, or even to give up plastic… without compromising on your well-being and that of the planet!

The method **B.I.S.O.U.S.***, which makes us crack by its small name, is a simple and effective way to buy without abuse. A mnemonic tool to ask the right questions before buying

  •  What **need** (psycho-emotional) does the purchase meet?
  • Do I need it **immediately**?
  • Do I already have something like this? 
  • What is the **origin** of this product and components? #CfaitWhere?
  • Will this item be **useful** to me and for how long?
  • What is the impact of this product on a **social** or societal level?

The experience:

Made on Spark AR and broadcast on Facebook and Instagram social networks, the KISS filter is a random filter. You launch the filter in front camera and come across one of the letters. You discover the method and wonder about your consumption on your previous or next purchase

The device :

4 pillars:

  • Deployment of a landing page
  • Resources to take action (videos, lives, articles, etc.)
  • An augmented reality filter
  • A fresco for the climate Distribution of content: Relay social networks ADM Influencer campaign

Try the BISOUS filter here !

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