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What is augmented reality ?

Posted by | Mar 11, 2020

Augmented reality is the overlapping of elements like 3D objects, sounds and images to the real world in real time using smart devices.

You can picture different examples of augmented reality with movies like, Iron man, Terminator and Predator.



Augmented reality’s domains of use are unlimited. It can advise, teach, raise awareness and entertain the users in many ways than ever before.

Right now augmented reality is widely used with smartphones. They are lightweight and easy to carry around, equipped with a camera so they can capture the reality and add to it the virtual elements.


Even if the areas of applicability are unlimited, evolution of technology is still limiting the use of Augmented reality. Usually AR experiences are heavy in terms of data transfer and in needs of great computational capabilities.


Augmented reality has been slowly but surely growing and has a great future.

The expansion of the 5G will allow more people to access to internet as well as providing a faster network. Cloud computing backed up with the 5G allow the devices to be lighter. Both of these technologies are pushing the evolution of smart devices.


Actually we are all waiting for Smart glasses, the ideal devices made for augmented reality. They will be used as a screen to overlap virtual elements to the reality.

But as for now we are experiencing AR on smartphones and there are already a ton of interesting use cases we can try.


Augmented reality is now integrated inside the main social medias like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. It can also be experienced through the web browser using technologies like 8th wall. Thanks to those new integrations AR can now reach a wider audience. International brands are using it to promote products, events and to work on their branding. This is why at the moment the main use cases are oriented on ads. This market brings important investments and so it helps augmented reality to grow.


Filters made at by @mxvdl

Augmented reality is still very young but at the same time very popular. A lot of communities are emerging around it. It is now time to create new experiences. Because it’s still new, users are not very demanding but more into trying. In the end we can say that augmented reality has a great future, let’s meet and talk about it in few years.

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