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How to promote your event using an instagram filter ?

Posted by Z. Manda | Sep 16, 2020

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Augmented Reality (AR) experiences have found a place in the hearts of the public with the appearance of the Instagram and TikTok filters, or Snapchat lenses. If most users have become familiar with AR as a source of sharing and communication, it is important to know that the filters involve bigger issues, such as the area of events organisation.

The advantages of using an AR filter for an event

The use of augmented reality for events can be done in two ways. Either by broadcasting a dedicated filter via social media, or by creating a filter that is only activated at the place of the event. In both cases, even if the principle is different, the expected result is the same: to engage the audience. Indeed, compared to other marketing actions, the use of augmented reality has the advantage of involving and captivating your audience.

Let's take the example of a TV commercial: it appears for a few seconds to an audience that may or may not be interested. Moreover, it is only useful in preparation for an upcoming event.

With augmented reality, especially AR filters, things are different. First of all, Augmented Reality marketing reaches interested people. Indeed, the filter is not activated without the will of the user, it requires a commitment: it is the person who chooses to use the filter or not. And this commitment is not so difficult to obtain if your filter is well done, because a nice filter often makes people want to try it. Moreover, a filter that pleases is very quickly shared, which reinforces its value for three reasons: someone has tested it, they liked it, and the person who sees the sharing is someone who follows that person.

Another advantage of event-driven augmented reality is the fact that it is timeless at the event. If an advertisement becomes useless as soon as its object is finished, it is not the same for the AR filter. Before the event, the filter is used to inform the public and to mold the atmosphere of the event. During the course of the event, it is shared and used to show everyone's participation. After the event, it is usually used to remember the event and the good times spent there. In addition, a well-designed filter will be used by users outside of the event because they simply enjoyed it. This is very effective, if you are planning a new edition of your show in the future.

Compared to other forms of advertising, AR filters also give the impression that you've really got something. Even though brochures or small gadgets may claim the same thing, they are cumbersome and not very interactive.

We just have to understand that we will only benefit from all these advantages of the AR filter in events if the filter is appreciated.

Startup event: Get in the Ring

As we are talking about communication for an event to support event professionals and entrepreneurs, let's talk about an event for startup: Get in the Ring. It is a worldwide meeting of startups and investors, where merciless fights between representatives of startups take place in a ring, where only one winner comes out... Rest assured, even if the ring is similar to a boxing ring, there is no bloodshed, but arguments, indeed it is a global pitch competition for startups.

It is an event in which Vincent Trastour, CEO & Founder of Flamingo Filter, participated and was a finalist in the Get in the Ring France at the CES in Cannes, September 3 and 4, 2020. His impression of this event: "Great experience, we were coached all day long, I learned a lot. The coaches were really great, they taught me a lot and gave me lots of advice. I didn't think I would be selected to compete in the semi-finals in the ring, and I even made it to the final, which I played against Sandra Lasbats from GérerMaBoite.

We talk about Get in the Ring because this event had the good idea to use augmented reality in its communication.

The recipe of a successful filter for an event

Realized by Flamingo Filter, the filter Get in the Ring is the creation that will be used as an example in our article. The effect offers its user a boxing helmet marked with the Get in the Ring logo.

First of all, the filter is very ingenious because its design did not focus on the object of the event, i.e. the pitch, the microphone or the competition between startups. It is meant to be relaxed and adapted for any audience, giving the image of a boxer to the one who tries it. This shows that to create a filter you have to take a step back to find the right element and make it the basis of the design.

Then, the filter is accessible to everyone via Instagram. Indeed, you don't need to install another application to enjoy it, as it is a must-have application for all smartphone owners.

Finally, the fact that you see the filter indicates that it has passed Facebook validation and that the creators have fully mastered the elements to consider when creating a filter via Spark AR.

The final word, the creation of an augmented reality filter for an event is a decision that will have a big impact on the unfolding of the event. For this reason, the advice and assistance of experienced professionals is always welcome, both in the design and the creation of the filter.

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