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Focus on the ARfest Prague event

Posted by | Oct 19, 2021

ARfest Prague is the must attend event for all those interested in augmented reality. As the first worldwide festival around augmented reality, the ARfest will hold its second edition on October 22nd in Prague (true to the name). You can't make the trip? You can attend virtually by getting free virtual tickets on the website

Why attend this festival?

First of all, because Flamingo Filter is participating, through its CEO Vincent Trastour! The event will also see the participation of other well known names in the field of augmented reality : Marc Wakefield, Piotar Boa, Caroline Rocha, Chris Pelk.... Our common goal: to talk to you about the past, the present and the future of augmented reality from all aspects.

The more you know, the more there is to learn!

If you are an actor in augmented reality, a business decision maker or if you are just starting to get interested in this world of infinite possibilities , you should definitely attend this festival. The speakers will open your eyes to facets of AR that you didn't even begin to suspect. You'll learn about the history of these creators who have gone from filter users to true professionals in the creation of effects. We'll also tell you about the ideas behind these filters that have taken the breath away from those who have seen and used them. Also hear these stories about how augmented reality changed one life to touch millions of others. Or how certain effects have attracted billions of users.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may be convinced to attend the festival. Besides, as there may still be additions to the list of participants , not to mention the possibility of surprise guests, the event has not yet revealed all its secrets and those who attended the first edition know that it will be far from disappointing.

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